Aluminium Slat DIY Fence Panels

Premium DIY Materials /Suitable for Many Areas

These panels aren’t just for residential and commercial perimeters – although they are great for that too! Whether you are looking to boost your privacy with screening, improve security a little with gates or simply improve aesthetics by creating features, bin closures or infill panels, you won’t be disappointed with quality slats.

Safety around pools

It is now a requirement in Victoria for pools and spas holding more than 30cms of water to have a fence installed. These panels are a great choice for pool fencing as it not only adds to safety but also looks great in a yard. As a cost-effective and naturally corrosion resistant option, this will ensure your pool barrier will look great for years to come.

As well as the DIYer, our solutions are great for contractors, landscapers and related industries looking to provide premier services to their clients. Here are the details you will need to know: